Breast Enhancement: Choosing the Breast Implants

You may be having problems with your bust size. There are certain things you need to consider in having breast enhancement. Size is one of the things to consider in choosing an implant for augmentation.

Not only that, there are other considerations like shape which is one of the features you must discuss with your surgeon. These factors you need to look into may help you attain the safest procedure and the best outcome after breast enhancement.

Choosing an Implant

The most common implants are the round ones. You are more likely to choose this type since they can give you the best amount of fullness, cleavage and lift. However, you can go for other alternatives that may appear too artificial or fake despite those natural-looking alternatives.

Contoured Implants

These are tear-drop shaped implants that mimic or maintain your breast’s anatomical shape. They are made for use in breast reconstruction which became a popular choice even in breast augmentation surgery. You are to decide which type of implant to be used after an intensive explanation from your surgeon.

Other factors to consider in having the best look to your breasts are the location where the implants need to be placed, the amount of breast tissue that the doctor needs to deal with, and your natural breast anatomy. You must remember that placement has a more major effect on the final appearance of your breasts after surgery than the implant’s shape.

Textured Implants

Scarring is one of the consequences of breast enhancement. A capsule of tissue forms on the skin surrounding the surgical site. It is a natural response of the body towards a surgical procedure since it involves an injury made on the skin. However, there are some cases wherein the scar capsule may harden the breasts which can give you pain and calls for another surgery.

Textured implants were made in order to reduce chances of contracture. These implants will allow the tissue of scar to adhere on the implant which in turn reduces the amount of scar formation. Also, the sticking of the scar to the implant prevents it from being displaced and move around within the breast. However, there are still debates on whether this really works in reducing capsular contracture and there are evidences that implants of this type are more likely to rupture.

Smooth Implants

These implants can move around within a capsule. This allows natural movement which gives the breast a more natural appearance. It depends, however, on how the implant is placed and it is your surgeon’s responsibility to discuss with you the texture and shape of the implants that will suit your breast anatomy.

There are many factors to consider in having breast enhancement procedures such as augmentation with the use of synthetic implants. This is because you are faced with many possible risks. With a careful consideration of the type of implant to use and with your surgeon’s expertise, you can prevent unwanted effects such as scarring or deformed shape to your breasts.

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