Your Solutions To Female’s Lack of Libido

Lack or loss of libido can be dangerous to married to life. Lack of satisfying sexual intercourse makes both partners less intimate with each other. A healthy sexual life allows both partners to be intimate with each other and have a fulfilling sex. The solution for poor libido is to have female enhancers to aid in a healthy sexual life. There are several products you can get in the market that are effective in restoring loss of libido. Identifying first the causes of sexual problems will give you the idea why you are experiencing the problems so you can easily find solution to it.

Causes of Lack of Libido

There are several factors that make women have less inclination to sex. One of the most common factor affecting women in their reproductive age is by taking birth control pills. These pills make the vaginal area dry making sex dissatisfying. Pills decrease the hormones in the body make libido lesser so as to prevent pregnancy. For older women, peri and post menopause makes sex uninteresting. Hormones drop down making them not interested in sex. The vaginal area becomes smaller and dry. Stress and sickness become women also less interested in sex. Stress makes women think more of their problems rather than their sexual life. When you’re sick, you feel tired and weak for sex.

Solutions For Lack of Libido

  • For women who are taking birth control pills, they can find other means for contraception. There are injections that can be given to prevent pregnancy. Women can use condoms and IUD. Their partners can find other contraceptive methods too. By stopping birth control pills, women will gradually regain their libido.
  • For women in their peri and post menopausal stage, there are hormonal replacements that can be ordered by their doctor to make them regain their libido. Female enhancers are available to be taken orally to increase libido.
  • For women who are often stressed with their work, they need to find stress-relieving ways to make them have time for themselves and their partners. Focusing only on work will make women unhappy, exhausted and unhappy with their life. This can make their partners also dissatisfied also with their sex lives.
  • Herbs are one safe and effective solutions for libido problems. Ashwaghanda makes women have more energy for sex. For women who are often tired due to work, this definitely works. Muira Puama is a known herb that came from Brazil. It works on increasing libido and improving sexual performance. Gingko Biloba improves overall functioning. It makes the whole body more active and be able to achieve sexual satisfaction.
  • Loss and lack of libido is one sexual problem that can endanger both partners yet can easily be managed with several solutions. Women who are experiencing this have several options to manage the problems. At the first sight of lack of libido, find an earlier solution so as to avoid relationship problems. Find out the cause of your libido problem and find the right management for it.

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